About Me


Welcome to VueRichInitiatives — 

My name is Dylan  Vue. I’m currently 20, a college attendee, and preparing for a career as a Certified Public Accountant.  My greatest interests revolve around stock trading and investments, learning about business structures, personal finance, and the idea of unraveling all that life has to offer.

With VueRichInitiatives, I want to allow my audience to follow my journey as I seek and create wealth. Throughout my blog, I will share the mistakes I made, the knowledge I gained, and the success I have attained.  My ultimate goal will be to spark and inspire the well-beings of others to take initiative for whatever it is they desire.

I hope you all will enjoy and benefit from my blog. If any of my content helps you take initiative, spread it like wild-fire to help another person take initiative!

Thank you,

Dylan Vue


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