Update: The Bounce Back

Hello all, it’s VueRichInitiatives —

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend, especially you government folks who had a longer 4 day weekend. I definitely had a great weekend myself; highlight of the weekend was my outstanding performance at a gambler’s pit coming out on top by 987% overall Saturday night! I began with $80, something I was willing to lose (mileage reimbursement check from work) and you can do the rest of that math. 😉


Now to the trades!

(2/14) If anyone is caught up with last week’s ending position, I had a bigger than usual position in Nvidia. The stock turned super sour on me, not what I was expecting at all! I’m not going to lie though, I had about 3 good opportunities to take a good chunk of profits before it went negative — being greedy about wanting more, I found myself in a losing position shortly after. Nvidia is definitely a good hold for long-term purposes, I’m confident in that. Due to my trading strategies, I didn’t have the time to sit on it and did end up selling it at a loss of about 2.5%.

(2/15) The next morning, I got back into SVXY (something I trade quite frequently). I simply got in and out of this one flipping a quick 1.7%. Right after this trade happened, I put a limit buy order in for LBIO. It was coming down near the price I was comfortable picking it up at. I was quite content with the profit I took from SVXY already, so I didn’t want to actively look for anything else. Let the limit order do its job as I focused on tax returns (Lol). By the time the market closed, I checked my account and the purchase was made (PERFECT!).

(2/16) The following day, I had the same strategy. I was getting caught up with a lot of tax projects, so I just set a limit order again, but to sell instead this time. Again, I let the order do its job and by noon it had sold by itself for a 1.5% profit. In the afternoon, I had less work to worry about, so I got back on the trading grind.I took my account and split its value into 2 positions — SVXY (once again) and CIG. I wanted to save my day-trades for emergencies and greater opportunities, so  I decided to hold onto these 2 positions through the close of the market that day.

(2/17) We made it to Friday! Since it was a Friday, I wanted to keep things simple, clean, and…. PROFITABLE OF COURSE! This always leads into a good weekend, which I obviously had. As the market opened, I got rid of CIG right away for $10 — it’s not even worth me doing the calculation for (lol). CIG just wasn’t moving fast enough for me to keep it, so why not free up that money for something else? After freeing up that cash, I decided I wanted to play on something with bigger value, but good movement still. I chose to put half of my account value into TSLA (the future of automobiles). 😀 Looks like a good area to enter for a short period (it had pulled back from a great steady rise for a few weeks). Not too long after, I sold my position on SVXY as well for a 2.4% profit.

My week of trading ended with me holding TSLA through the weekend. Lets hope this turns out a lot better than NVDA, right?!

I also would like to have my goal included for the week. By this Friday (2/24), I intend to reach $4,200 cash value after a $1,500 deposit — meaning I’ll need about $200 in profits. Let’s do this!

– VueRichInitiatives Signin’ Out!



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