Leverage Money to Make MORE Money!

Welcome to VueRichInitiatives –

(2/6) To start it off, I’d like to mention that I had an AMAZING trading week! I started my week with a buy on VALE (50 @ $9.80 = $490), but I let it go real quick! I sold it in the same day (50 @ $9.57 = $478.50) – VALE was not moving in the right direction, and I had no interest in wasting anytime on it. I hopped right onto NVDA (5 @ $117.05 = $585.25) with the mind that maybe throughout the earnings week, the stock will climb.

(2/7) The next day, I bought JNUG (30 @ $12.10 = $363) (75 @ $12.70 = $952.49) and held it for no longer than a few hours. I ended up selling JNUG (105 @ $13 = $1,365) for a quick $50.

(2/8) On this day, my trade account finally reached high enough in dollar amounts for me to leverage the account – meaning I was able to borrow money from my broker up to double the amount I had in my account. Leverage will either allow me to build my account in a much faster pace if I play it right, or burn my cash account really fast. Back to the trades, I ended up selling my shares of NVDA (5 @ $118 = $590) from 2/6 already. I let the emotions play out in this transaction, but it turned in my favor, so it’s okay. Besides, I didn’t lose any money because NVDA ran up slightly before falling back down to my selling price. Along with NVDA shares, I also sold MS shares (5 @ $43.94 = $219.70) I purchased last week since it was a losing play in the short-term perspective.

My favorite play of the week – I decided to experiment with something that may return a consistent money play in the next few weeks until the pattern changes. I bought LBIO (250 @ $7.05 = $1,762.48) which bounces between $7-$7.30, a little more, a little less, but those were the ranges I was looking at that were reachable in a short matter of time. I planned on buying and selling, repeat this pattern, to see how long I could make money this way. Lastly, I bought SVXY (1 @ $119.10 = $119.10) because it was a day of pullback and I had intended on buying this stock for a longer play than I tend to do with other stocks.

(2/9) Only a day later, a limit sell that I had set the day I bought LBIO triggered (250 @ $7.25 = $1,812.50) just as I planned. It did end up selling a lot lower than I could’ve had let it go for, but it’s okay, the plan panned out and I followed through with the mechanics of a limit sell, good ‘til close. For the rest of the day, I decided to not touch the market anymore and just watch from the sideline. The $50 profit from LBIO was good enough for me.

At the end of the day into after-market, I watched NVDA go into their earnings call and they exceeded well above Wall Streets’ expectations, yet still slumped due to either shorters, or profit-takers. I saw this as a great opportunity to hop back in NVDA (10 @ $115 = $1,150) at a WELL-discounted price because I know if not soon, in a few weeks, will be well above its all-time high at $120.

Needing more cash to lower the average of NVDA, I sold all my shares of SVXY (8 @ $125 = $1,000) which I’ve held for quite a bit of time – at least longer than I have held most of my other stocks for a $65 profit. Right after this, I purchased more shares of NVDA twice (10 @ $114.29 = $1,142.90) (15 @ $113.50 = $1,702.50).

I AM NOW ABOUT $4,000 DEEP INTO NVDA. Let’s hope it plays out this upcoming week.


Happy trading everyone! Signing out, booaaaa! – VueRichInitiatives


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