ETRM to Lose Weight, but My Portfolio Isn’t Human!

Hello and welcome back to VueRichInitiatives’ weekly update in my trading account —

About two weeks ago, I made a killing on a Friday morning profiting 12% on ETRM. After the weekend came around, I picked up ETRM again (thinking I saw a short-squeeze once again), but this time the trade turned sour on me. I kept holding the position with a CRAZY loss praying that a reversal occurs. Unfortunately, it just kept sinking.  Words of wisdom from a buddy, “trading is like poker, don’t hold onto a losing hand”; that definitely was right. I ended up dumping the stock on 1/30/17 with a whopping 32% loss. Yeah, definitely outweighed the 12% gain I had a few weeks ago.

As soon as I dumped the loss, I jumped onto SVXY in 2 separate purchases ($116.95 x 5sh & $114.78 x 2sh). Throughout the next few weeks, I plan on accumulating more shares of SVXY — hoping to have a great portion of my portfolio vested in this. As long as the market continues to rise, I can expect SVXY to do the same.

Be sure to check in next week to see where my money goes! 😉


–  VueRichInitiatives, signin’ out


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