This is it…

Hey everyone, it’s VueRichInitiaitves here —

Today’s post is going to be slightly different.. Just a heads up.

This last week had been a rough week for me. I had a difficult time keeping my head straight at work, I flocked going to the gym one day which lead to a week of missed days, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The weekend came around, and things started to get a bit better. I had a relaxed OT workday on Saturday morning, I attended my dance studio’s annual banquet, then I spent the rest of the night with my lovely girlfriend, and lastly, enjoyed watching the NFL Superbowl on Sunday night.

One thing that I didn’t do over the weekend which I have been for the last few weeks was write. Actually, this blog today… right now… this one… would’ve been the blog written over the weekend.

This morning at 5:30 A.M., I woke up and the first thing I thought about was… not writing. I actually woke up thinking about the stock market (lol), but writing came into mind right after. (Lol Sorry girlfriend if you’re reading this! You definitely were the next thing on my mind.) Back to my morning! — I couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t want to write a single thing this past weekend. On my drive to work, I started to think about whether I was going to write this for you all today, or not. I first began to think about the title; considering that this may be my last blog, and that I’ve decided to retire the blog already. “This is it” was going to be the perfect title for this last one.

My reason behind all of this…? I thought to myself… I thought that since I now have the opportunity that will unfold my career, maybe I should focus all my energy into it. I thought about the individuals who I keep close to me; maybe I should focus all my energy on those people. What more could I need? To become the best that I could at what I do, and to build all that I could with the ones I have already, right? I also wasn’t reaching the amount of audience that I truly wished for (though I did surpass my minimum goal for views and have been astounded by my international viewers; thank you!), but it still wasn’t enough for me. I didn’t feel as impactful as I set myself out to be.So I went ahead, and here you are reading… “This is it…”.

But then… as my day went on, I realized that maybe I was just going through a lot with the grind at work, and the breather over the weekend took me too out of place. I don’t think retiring the blog is the right thing anymore. I got to work today, and had a great freaking productive day. Nothing at work feels better than how it did today. The people who are actually going to be there as I continue to build up my life will continue to be there, otherwise I make it too easy of a task to drop them. The viewers? That one’s going to take some time still.

I’m going to continue writing my blogs, and continue to have the vision I had when I initially began writing. There’s no real meaning behind this one today guys, sorry. This is just how I came up with the topic today.

Maybe I do need to just keep up with my daily workouts at the gym. Honestly, I didn’t feel complete today until that happened and at that moment I knew I was going to come home and write this content for you all.

Keep striving, keep taking initiative, and keep building yourself and those around you.

– VueRichInitiatives signin’ out, boooooaaaaa!


5 thoughts on “This is it…

  1. Continue writing your blogs. Don’t worry about the views or number of followers. It’s ok to write these type of blogs when you lose motivation. It lets us get to know you more, which makes your blogs even more interesting. Keep it up!


  2. How long have you been writing this blog? Now, quick question? Is there truly a free trade? I am very apprehensive to this! Who do you work with, for, or associate with for this free trade? I am not trying to sound mean, but you know the old saying; “if it sounds good to be true, than it is”!


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