Trading: 1/23/2016-1/27/2016

Hey guys, welcome to VueRichInitiatives —

We are back to another week of my trading updates! If you haven’t read last week’s trading post, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU TO BEFORE CONTINUING.


(Scroll down if you’ve already read last week’s… It’s a crucial step, trust me on this one!)


So since all of you have read last week’s blog now (RIGHT?!), you know that I did extremely well last week. This week, however, was a very poor week for me. Like literally, my account went poor. *Inserts crying emoji*

What I thought was going to be a rally on Monday morning for me on the stock ETRM, the very same stock I traded last week Friday, ended up doing JUST THAT… except as the market opened, my order to purchase the stock was near it’s HIGHEST of the day at about $9.50/share, and it almost instantly dropped to $9/share, to $8.50/share, to $8/share, and then finally started fluctuating from $7.50-$7/share. Do the math… I lost about 25% of my portfolio.

Yeah, I’m pretty fucked. Lol

I kept on hoping that the loss was only going to be for a short few minutes, but it ended up never reversing. I didn’t follow my rule of taking a smaller loss at 5%-8%, so now I’m holding onto a 25% loss. I haven’t sold the stock yet, so I have an unrealized loss of a quarter to my portfolio. I am HOPING that there will be some positive news to help me get out of this hole I’m in. If not, I may just have to realize the L, and move on.

Lesson to be learned: Have some risk management, and diversify — it’ll hurt less when you have to take an L.

Note to self: LEARN THE LESSON


Thanks for tuning in on last week’s trades! Check back in next week to see what I end up doing next (because I have no absolute clue what will happen *Insert another crying emoji*).


— Signing out



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