Trade stocks for FREE!

Hey all, welcome to VueRichInitiatives –

In today’s blog, I’ve decided to write about which brokerage I use to trade stocks. This is really to answer those who have questioned me about where I do my trading, and hopefully be a nice introduction for individuals who are interested in starting up their own trading account. Let’s get to it!

So currently, I use Robinhood to trade stocks. Robinhood is a solely mobile trading app, meaning they DO NOT operate on a website such as other large brokerages (TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, E-Trade, etc.). I have been using Robinhood for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it – especially if I was doing better. (;

Robinhood is a completely FREE trading app, meaning you don’t have to purchase the app, nor do you have to pay any commissions to buy, or sell stocks! I was mind-blown at the time; I was paying nearly $20 at another brokerage to buy and sell stocks – trust me, it really adds up! Anyway, if anyone is new to trading/investing, I really do recommend trying this app out. It doesn’t hurt, especially if it’s going to cost you $0 in fees to get started. Every dollar you decide to put into the account is going to be yours to trade, or invest with.

I will list out some major pros and cons I find with this brokerage below, so that you could make a more informed decision on who YOU decide to make YOUR first brokerage when you take this initiative.



– Completely free to use
– User friendly
– Easy and quick to fund your accounts
– Access to leverage up to double your cash balance (does have a monthly fee for this option)


– Limited access to information about stocks and market news
– Limited buy and sell methods (no trail-stop buy and sell for example)
– No access to OTC and OTC-BB securities
– Apparently, there is sometimes a lag in price (I’ve never had this problem)

Just so you guys are aware… I’m not being paid to advertise Robinhood. I just think it’s a sweet app to use for my hobby and I think some traders (or soon to be traders *wink wink*) would also really enjoy the cost saving benefits it offers – my favorite benefit from them by the way! Please let me know if you have any questions about Robinhood, or setting up your brokerage account. I may not have all the answers, but I may have some, and I’ll do my best to help you take initiative today!

Happy Trading!!

– VueRichInitiatives


4 thoughts on “Trade stocks for FREE!

  1. Hi ,
    What other brokerage you were use
    or know that do have acces to USA stock trade , with all fetures as you write missing in Robinhood.


    1. Hello Ilia,

      Great question you have there. I’ve previously used TD Ameritrade for my personal trading account, and I still use it for my retirement accounts such as IRA’s. They have greater features such as current market news, more extensive ways to trade/invest with options, Forex, mutual funds, commodities, and the ability to short the market, and of course, more tools to make even more informed decisions on trades/investments.

      I hope that helped! Feel free to ask any other question.


  2. Hey
    I am in SA I am into forex trading currently with Hotforex I want to try my hand on Stocks and these Robinhood seem interesting to me.How is the withdrawal ? How much to get started with ?


    1. Hey Dominic,

      The withdrawal process is fairly easy. I’ve never had a problem yet. It takes a few days (about 2) to receive your money. As far as getting started, you could Fun the account however much you want or just open it and leave it at $0 if you wanted to hold off. There’s absolutely no minimum, and that’s why I love it!


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