Survival of the Fittest!!!

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Today I’ll be covering my perspective on “Survival of the Fittest” in the field of work, which may not be the most comfortable, or happiest of topics for some to read. Please consider my background as you read; you’re hearing the perspective of a 20 year-old college student, with much privilege, and who comes from a troubled, yet humbling kind of people. I’ll tell you how I came about this idea of “Survival of the Fittest”, and how it has led me to my career choice.

Going back about a year ago, I was in conversation with a fellow coworker who had the ambition to become an entrepreneur; just imagine – positive bulb, strategic, and die-hard motivated with every aspect in life. Within this conversation of ours, he shared with me the idea that “there’s always going to be losers, winners, those who are successful, and those who aren’t”. It’s damn real, but what regular person ever thinks about this?

This idea unfolded the truth to me… There’s only so much room for successful people. If everyone was successful, how special would success feel? Think about it. It’s all simple matter though you never realize its appearance in your life until you’ve heard it – like I did in conversation. Once I became observant of this idea, “Survival of the Fittest”, I started seeing many students drop the challenging accounting program at school… even the students who were academically performing better than I! Two thoughts started to settle in: (1) I may need to get the F out too before it’s too late, and (2) How will this affect my success in the market?

You could probably guess what thought overpowered the other. I’m still an accounting major; I decided this was the right career to be in because I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities my peers were giving up. Just like businesses, a difficult barrier-to-entry has its incredible perks once you make it. I’m starting to receive the opportunities that had to be divided by an initial 35 students 3 years ago. Instead, I’m one of about only 12 graduating students in the accounting program now  that is STILL receiving those same opportunities.

If there’s anything that I would like for you to get out of this blog, it would be to keep striving for the success you desire because as soon as you decide to leave the opportunity unattended, someone else will take the table and succeed in place of you. Giving up on the other hand, is what you don’t want to find yourself doing. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your journey to SURVIVAL!

– I’ll see you guys on the next VueRichInitiatives’ blog!


By the way, my old fellow coworker has ventured into the works of entrepreneurship!


3 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest!!!

  1. I agree there is sense of “survival of the fittest” in our society. And what happens if everybody is successful? The bar is raised for people to be more successful. It is truly never ending. Right now I am trying to give advice to young people about motivation and strategies to be successful. You can checkout my blog. The blog is fairly new like yours:


    1. I most definitely will check out your blog today after I get off work. I’m reaching for the same for the guys younger than myself as well. Let’s continue to feed the right fuel to those who will be impacting the society we live in. 👍🏽


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