My reason, 2017 New Years Resolution

Welcome to VueRichInitiatives — 

Since this is my first official post, I thought I would start out by sharing a few of my motives for the content I will produce. First, and foremost, I understand that this introductory post will be an important factor as to whether I’ll be able to capture the attention of my audience and bring them back. I have joined this blogging community for a purpose and I hope that my motives will stand within my viewers and only benefit them throughout.

So… Let’s jump to it!

My first motive is my passion for learning and sharing ideas about personal finance. Money, money, money!!! I cannot recall the latest age where I didn’t have the desire to want, or make money! I’m a freaking huuuge believer in, “everyone can make money… together”, it really depends on whether you’ll take the initiative, or not. I encourage others to read about my experiences with managing my own personal finances (to come). I took a lot of L’s in the second half of 2016, but what’s most important to me is that my viewers can learn from MY mistakes without having to lose their own money in the process.

My second motive is a pretty big one… are you ready? This one’s for my friends and family — you all have probably noticed that I’ve been pretty MIA for the last year. I’m extremely sorry, but I hope you all are reading this and will understand. I have spent countless hours sitting and thinking, trying to find myself, trying to find my purpose, and I’ve finally got it! My second motive is to help others. I find it extremely satisfying to help people, especially if I’m able to help them perserve or add to their bank account. I’ve picked up these motives through my 3 years of work in the line of retail-banking, yet I wasn’t fully aware of how satisfying it was to me until Summer 2016. I can’t currently say that my ideas and recommendations are professional advice, so please have some due dilligence as I will not be responsible for any unfavorable outcome. My 2017 New Years Resolution is to help people grow, and I hope my viewers will also help me grow as an individual through interaction.

My third motive is to motivate the mindset of millenials. More so, this is for the younger individuals who are getting out of high school, thinking about higher education, or are in their early to mid 20’s who aren’t sure about what their purpose in life is. I can’t say its a large crowd, but I do see those individuals surfing social media and speaking out about not being motivated enough to get somewhere. LISTEN, this is what I created VueRichInitiatives for… I want to get people motivated and I want people to take initiative over things they want. BE IN CONTROL.

My last motive is a simple one; I lack writing skills and want to improve throughout my blog. Its probably not very hard to spot out, but I would hope to grow in this area. Please don’t hesitate to leave some criticism to help me out. If you have recommendations, or just anything, feel free to leave a message or drop a comment.
Signing out —

Dylan Vue



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